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Just Jerseys

A Micro Dairy with Jersey Milk Vending Machine based in the town centre of Tenbury Wells

I began working with Just Jerseys right at the beginning of their venture. I worked closely with them to create the Just Jerseys brand. We then created their logo & brand identity


Once we had established brand colour palletes, we were able to create marketing materials such as flyers and business cards as well as all the signage at the 'Vending Hut'.

Pre & Post Launch, Just Jerseys asked to manage their social media prescence. We built a good following very quickly


Allen's Country Produce


When designing the website, we wanted a simple experience for customers to allow them to see what services are available as well as a shopping feature for online ordering. We also included an instant chat function enabling any quick questions to be answered prior to enquiring further.

Allen's Country Produce is a local family-run Fresh Produce Farm that provides delicious fresh produce and country supplies.

This client wanted simple, clear and effective branding with a rustic twist. We incorporated the branding into the website, product labelling and social channels. 


Tenbury News


Tenbury News approached me as they were finding that the local customers didn't realise what a vast range of items were available in the newsagents.

They wanted to outline the many products and services that could be found in the shop. After choosing to do this through the form of a flyer, I visited to take photos and really get an idea of which products/services they wanted to highlight.

Incorporating the lovely blue branding of the shop front, I produced a flyer which was eye-catching as well as informative.

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