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10 Scroll-stopping content ideas for restaurants

Are you a busy restaurant owner and stuck for content ideas for your restaurant?!

Here is the perfect list of ideas for restaurants to keep you going!

1. Foodie Photography

Share a mouth-watering photo of your most popular dish along with a detailed description. Encourage followers to visit your restaurant and enjoy this delectable delight!

restaurant dish of lamb and asparagus with a cranberry sauce

2. Weekly Special

Announce your weekly special with a captivating image. Describe the dish, mention any discounts or promotions, and invite followers to try it out.

restaurant table with plates of food and glasses of wine

3. Customer Reviews

Share positive reviews from customers, along with a photo of their favourite dish at your restaurant. Showcasing satisfied customers can encourage others to dine at your establishment.

girl taking photo of pizza on smart phone

4. Behind the Scenes

Give followers a sneak peek into the kitchen or introduce your talented chefs. Share a photo or video that highlights the hard work that goes into creating delicious meals.

Restaurant chef preparing plates of food

5. Trivia Tuesday

Engage your audience with a food-related trivia question every Tuesday. Encourage followers to comment with their answers and share the best answers to your stories.

Ready for a quiz drawn onto a chalk board

6. Meet the Team

Introduce your staff members through a series of posts. Share their photos, names, and a brief description of their roles in the restaurant. This will add a personal touch and help build a connection with your followers.

waitress laying cutlery on a table in a restaurant

7. Contest/Giveaway

Host a contest or giveaway on social media to generate excitement. For instance, ask followers to share their favourite dish at your restaurant for a chance to win a gift card or a free meal.

8. Special Events

If you're hosting any special events like live music, themed nights, or holiday celebrations, promote them on social media. Create eye-catching graphics or videos that provide details and encourage followers to join in the fun.

9. Menu Options

Share photos and descriptions of your menu options. Highlight any organic, gluten-free, or dishes using locally sourced produce that your restaurant offers. This shows you cater to all audiences and encourage new visitors.

10. Food Holidays

Celebrate food-related holidays like National Burger Day or International Coffee Day. Share interesting facts or history about the food and offer special deals or promotions related to that item.

Remember, always include eye-catching visuals, use hashtags relevant to your cuisine and location, and engage with your followers through comments and direct messages. Happy posting!

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