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Content Ideas For September

Here's a list of important dates to give you some inspiration!

4th September - #NationalWildlifeDay

Post about your favourite wild animal & why?

Do you provide shelter / food for wildlife in your garden?

Do you donate a portion of profits to a wildlife charity?

How is your business being environmentally conscious?

10th September - #NationalSwapIdeasDay

Share an idea / hack / tip with your followers

Post about the best idea / piece of advice you have recieved

Talk about how you came up with your product/service/concept

Tell your followers how to find ideas and inspiration

12th September - National Day Of Encouragement

Share a positive & encouraging quote with your followers

Give an example of when someone encouraged you to succeed with your business

Encourage others in your industry with your story

Tell your followers who in your life encourages you the most

23rd September - #AutumnEquinox

Ask your followers what their favourite part of Autumn is

Do you have an Autumn themed product? E.g Candle / Drink / Recipe

Share a photo of your workspace with Autumn themed decor

Does your product / service benefit health & fitness? Share your favourite product and why

Share a positive & motivational quote

Tell your followers who your favourite fitness inspiration is and why

Share a workout routine

Write about your best self care tips

29th September - #NationalCoffeeDay

Share a photo or video clip of you drinking your morning coffee

Describe your favourite type of coffee and ask your followers theirs

Share your morning routine

Tell your followers where your favourite place to drink coffee is and why

Share a photo of your workspace with coffee in hand

Hopefully there are some ideas here to give you a helping hand with your September content calendar!

Lauren x

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