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Utilising Instagram Reels for Glamping & Holiday Lets

Using Instagram Reels can seem really daunting, but they can be so simple and still be effective in reaching potential holidaymakers! Try out some of these ideas to get you started:

Virtual Tour: Take your audience on a virtual tour of your holiday accommodation using Instagram Reels. Highlight the cosy bedrooms, stunning views, and charming amenities in quick, engaging clips. Add fun text overlays or catchy music to enhance the experience and leave viewers longing for a staycation.

Themed Staycation Ideas: Create Reels showcasing themed staycation ideas for your holiday accommodation. Whether it's a romantic getaway, family retreat, or adventure-packed weekend, demonstrate how your property can cater to different interests and occasions. Get creative with outfit changes, props, and location shots to set the scene.

Local Attractions Guide: Use Instagram Reels to highlight nearby attractions and activities that guests can enjoy during their stay with you. Showcase hidden gems, scenic walks, or delicious eateries in short, captivating clips. Include helpful tips and insider recommendations to add value and intrigue to your audience.

Guest Testimonials: Share authentic guest testimonials and reviews through engaging Reels. Feature snippets of happy guests sharing their favourite moments, experiences, and memories from their stay at your holiday cottage. This social proof adds credibility and trustworthiness, enticing potential guests to book their own getaway.

Need some help with getting to grips with Social Media? Get in touch!

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